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Janitorial Services For Commercial and Small Businesses

Double K cleaning has been serving Klamath Falls for over 38 years, providing the best commercial and small business cleaning in town! 

Weekly Janitorial Services

Double K cleaning provides affordable weekly cleanings to ensure that your business always shines for your customers. 

Weekly cleanings may include:

  • Floor Care

  • Carpet Cleaning (w/Deep shampooing)

  • Window Cleaning

  • Business and Office General Cleaning

Floor Care

Double K cleaning provides excellent floor cleaning services to ensure that your business is not only presenting customers with excellence, but it is also providing a safe environment from bacteria and other forms of germs that tend to build on floors. 

We care about your customers and the quality of the environment that they are in. That is why our total clean floors includes carpet treatment and floor treatment.

Window Cleaning

Your business needs to always show a level of professionalism, both inside and on the outside. Your windows are one of the first features about your business that customers will see.


Don't let your first impression to customers be a bad one. Have Double K Janitorial Services come and leave you with streak free windows that will give your customers the best first impression about your business.

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that carpets are one of the most bacteria infected places in any building? The germs and bacteria that we collect on our shoes gets trampled into your business's carpet every day. 


Double K janitorial services provides excellent carpet cleaning to ensure not only carpet cleanliness but also carpet safety.  


Double K offers some of the most affordable pricing in Klamath Falls, OR. Paying too much for janitorial services is almost as bad as having your customers enter a dirty building. 

Reliable Janitorial Services

Double K cleaning has been one of the most reliable janitorial services in Klamath Falls for over 38 years. We work with commercial and small businesses in the Basin giving them the professional cleaning that every business and customer deserves. 

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